Informative guide for guests

  1. These instructions are only for you and you do not have to return them.
  2. Your room keys have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with approved SaRS-Cov 2 disinfectants.
  3. During your stay, your room will be cleaned. Bed linen / towels will ONLY be changed upon your request.
  4. The bed linen / towels are washed at high temperature according to EODY’s instructions.
  5. Decorative items (duvets, pillows) and other frequently used items (e.g. magazines) have been removed.
  6. One-way covers are attached to the remote controls of the TV / air conditioner.
  7. Surfaces (handrails, handles, buttons, etc.) are disinfected regularly during the day.
  8. It is recommended that ONLY people in need use the elevator.
  9. Air conditioners have been serviced and disinfected. It is recommended to keep the room with natural ventilation.
  10. The hotel management has drawn up a plan for the management of suspicious cases.
  11. The hotel staff is fully informed of the hygiene and management logs of COVID 19 cases in relation to their respective areas of responsibility.
  12. For the purpose of protecting public health, the hotel management keeps a log and a report booklet, both of the employees and all persons staying in the hotel with names, nationality, arrival and departure date, contact details (address, telephone number), email). Storage of data:
  13. It enables communication with close contacts in the event of a COVID 19 case, which can be identified later.
  14. It corresponds to the General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR).
  15. The receipt / invoice will be sent to you electronically.
  16. The time of check-in and check-out is changed as follows:
    Check-out until 11.00
    Check-in after 15.00.